Traditional Korean Archery

Archery has been a consistent and proudly-practiced part of the Korean culture for thousands of years. Traditional horned bows or Gakgung were used throughout the Korean Peninsula during times of warfare and as protection against invading forces. Today, Korean archers continue to dominate in the more modern, Olympic-style of target archery.

Our program’s main focus is on teaching the traditional form of Korean archery. This style is characterized by a two-finger thumb-draw technique and the use of a simple recurve bow similar to the Gakgung. These bows are short and light enough so as to be used by soldiers on foot or horseback and have no sites or stabilizers to assist with aiming.

Through this martial art, students will learn focus, perseverance and precision of mind and body. Classes consist of both meditative, static shooting as well as more fast-paced, dynamic shooting. Our range uses a variety of stationary targets while our Warrior Games sessions* also allow students to test their skills against moving opponents.

We are the only school in New York State to offers this style of archery!

*while using foam tipped arrows and safety gear.

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