How old do you need to be to take classes? Our “Little Dragons” taekwondo class is designed for ages 4- 6. While sword and bow lessons start at age 7. Additionally, there is no cut-off for age. Kummooyeh and archery are especially low-impact and our current adult classes range from 14- 70+.

What should I wear to my first class? Any loose, comfortable clothing or workout wear will do. Once you receive a uniform, we ask that you wear it to all future classes. Please note, we practice barefoot and shoes are not permitted on the mats.

With respect to our asthmatic students and students with allergies, please do not wear any cologne, hairspray or perfume to class.

How much does it cost to try a class? All first time class trials are free! We also offer introductory specials during the summer and fall seasons.

Can I book a private lesson, work-outing or a party? Absolutely! Call or email us about setting up your lesson or event.

Do you have gift certificates available? Yup! Contact us for more information and to choose your amount.

How often are belt tests? Depending on a student’s eligibility, testing takes place two times an year; in the spring and fall.

Do the sword classes practice with real swords? Only adult blackbelt students and instructors practice with sharp or “live” blades and this is only when cutting foam, bamboo or straw. During occasions when these blades are used we are very careful to ensure the safety of all students present. (Our instructors do not carry them when teaching the children’s classes.)

All students begin lessons with a wooden “mokum” or practice sword as well as a foam sword for sparring. More advanced students have the option of using a blunted, aluminum practice sword or “kakum” for forms and basics. During sparring students also wear protective head gear and gloves.

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