Our School’s COVID Safety Policy

Student’s name_______________________

In response to COVID-19, we will be implementing the following practices, with the goal of having our students train in the safest environment possible:

-Our school has been deep cleaned, in addition to regular cleaning between classes.

-We will provide hand sanitizer near both doors for easy access.

-We have stickers on our mats to keep students spaced out at 8 feet apart.

-All equipment used will be sanitized immediately after class.

-All instructors will undergo daily temperature checks, wear face masks, and utilize social distancing practices as much as possible while teaching classes.

________ I am choosing to return to in-person classes at Estrada Martial Arts. I understand that this includes additional risks pertaining to COVID-19, and I assume all responsibility for these risks. I understand that both live virtual classes are available, and I am choosing to attend in-person classes in replacement of (or in addition to) virtual classes.

_________ I understand that my student will be asked to use anti-bacterial sanitizer prior to entering the building.

_________ I understand that my student will have their temperature checked by a no-contact thermometer before entering the building, and that if that temperature exceeds 100.4, they will be asked to go home. NOTE: Parents please wait a few mins before leaving the parking lot to allow us take your child’s temperature

_________ I understand that my student will be asked to wear a mask inside the building at all times as they participate in in-person classes for the safety and comfort of our instructors, fellow students, and their families. I understand that it is my responsibility to bring a clean mask to each class. I understand that wearing a mask may include its own inherent risks, and that masks provided by Estrada Martial Arts are not hospital grade PPE. If a student arrives without a mask they will not be allowed inside until they put one on. Additional masks can also be purchased from the school if needed.

_________ I understand that locker rooms will not be used until further notice. Students must arrive in uniform.

_________ I understand that until further notice, no spectators will be allowed inside the building to limit social contact. It will be my responsibility to be ready for pickup at the front door 5 minutes prior to dismissal. All students must enter the school at the rear door.

__________ I understand that if a parent or guardian needs to come into the building to make a payment, purchase an item, or speak with an instructor, they will also be asked to call first and follow the rules once inside.

__________ I understand that if I, or any member of my family is showing symptoms of COVID-19, I am being asked to stay home for 14 days to slow the potential spread of COVID-19.


(Student Signature or Parent Signature, if under 18)

In-person classes are now in session!

The health and safety of our students is our top priority. As of September 1, we have reopened and are now offering small, socially distanced classes with the additional option for students to attend over Zoom. Our upcoming spring Kummooyeh program will most likely be held over Zoom and outdoors (as weather permits.) A copy of our COVID in-school safety protocol is also available under the “About Us” menu.

Please check back either here or on our facebook page or call us for more information.

More COVID-19 Advice
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