Summer and Fall Specials

Introductory programs available in: 

Korean Swordsmanship: Develop precision of mind and body through cutting, sparring, fluid forms and meditation.

Traditional Korean Archery: We are the only school on the east coast to offer this historical archery style! 

Taekwondo/Self-Defense: Learn the art of kicking and punching while building confidence, focus and fitness.

Special Price: $135 and all first-time students will receive a uniform

Summer program runs from July 8, 2019-August 30, 2019

Fall program runs from September 16, 2019 -November 8, 2019

Details: Little Dragons, ages 4-6, have 1 class a week.  All other students have the option of either taking two classes in one of our three martial arts (taekwondo, archery or sword) or picking two programs and taking one class in each, per week. Students will be asked to make their selection when they register. 


Book anArchery Tag session and mini lesson with friends! 

Special Price:

Sign up dates and how to register:

Call or visit us at the school during our sign up dates and times: (631) 789-2775

Summer registration: June 3- 28, 2019; Monday, Weds, Friday from 5pm-9pm.

Fall registration: September 9- 13, 2019; Monday-Friday from 5pm-9pm 

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