Korean Swordsmanship

Kummooyeh or “the way of the Korean sword,” is a beautiful martial art focusing on swordsmanship and traditional archery. The curriculum consists of 5 main areas of study: fluid sword forms, cutting, sparring, archery and meditation. 

All black belts and instructors are tested and certified by the Kummooyeh Federation.

Note: The children’s classes do not use sharp or “live” blades. Please see our FAQ page for more information about equipment.

In-person classes are now in session!

The health and safety of our students is our top priority. As of September 1, we have reopened and are now offering small, socially distanced classes with the additional option for students to attend over Zoom. Our upcoming spring Kummooyeh program will most likely be held over Zoom and outdoors (as weather permits.) A copy of our COVID in-school safety protocol is also available under the “About Us” menu.

Please check back either here or on our facebook page or call us for more information.

More COVID-19 Advice
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